What we do

Simply PSA & ERP - all-in-one

Progressus PSA is next generation PSA-solution, mobile-enabled and architected for the intelligent cloud, for project and services based businesses.

Progressus PSA is an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, adding advanced project & resource management and complete project accounting, giving you full control over your projects and overall business.

It’s simply PSA & ERP all-in-one, bringing processes, people and data together. End-to-End.


Realise your business potential with Progressus PSA!

Empower your PROJECT MANAGERS to drive successful and profitable projects.

Ease the burden on your CONSULTANTS and enable them full focus on client and project commitments.

Enrich FINANCE with process automation to facilitate increased efficiency and productivity, affecting all processes in the entire business.

Guide your EXECUTIVES to insight through visibility into key operational metrics.

What we know


Most Project & Services based organisations find themselves in a situation where their business solution(s) limits their opportunities for growth and improved profitability. While each situation is unique, neither traditional ERP nor PSA solutions offer the full support required for their business.

You may have over time developed a collage of different systems, each providing functional support for given tasks. Some are purchased, others are self-developed tools. Some are integrated, others are not.

Your find core business processes being split up due to lack of system integration, dependent on manual execution for completion.

You experience team members spending too much time with manual work or re-enter project information in various systems.

You have difficulties controlling your projects and overall business as you don’t have enough business insight.

You are lacking mobility and business optimisation, not supporting what the business needs, more maintained “how things used to be”.


You have a feeling that the business aren’t as competitive as it could be!

What we solve

Want to know why our customers don’t experience the same pains?

Presales & Setup

Easy & Consistent

< 1 min setup

Budget & Planning

Smooth planning with full access to information

Part of Outlook calendar

Easy to make changes

Time & Expense

A nice experience

Done in Outlook, mobile and other everyday working tools

Invoicing & Revenue recognition

An integrated process

Presented as the client wish

IFRS compliant

Control & Analyse

Project & Business Insight

Full access to data

Visualised as needed

We solve your pains no matter your role

Project Manager | Consultant | Finance | Executive

Click on a role and take part of the quotes for each area | Watch the video for each role to see what Progressus can offer

As a Project Manager I’m in charge of managing clients and projects - planning, execution, controlling and reporting. Not only must customers and consultants be satisfied, I’m expected to identify risks and control outcomes, ready to report to both my customers and line manager.

Setting up a project is time consuming and too complicated and most often done by Finance.

I understand Finance want to ensure consistent setup and data quality, but what I need is to create projects in a few clicks using a setup wizard and templates that ensures correctly created project with required information entered and validated.

It must be an ease-of-use tool supporting pre-activities, flexible task structure, dependencies, costing, pricing, discounts and multi-currencies.

If a project is in the sales phase, not committed by the customer yet, I need to be able to make estimates, send quotes and post time & expense on pre-sales activities.

My dream? A flexible and consistent Setup in less than 1min!

It’s difficult to get an accurate overview of work load and resource planning. I would have much better access to information needed if resource planning was part of individual calendar planning.

To speed up the budget process, I want to copy budgets from previous projects or using templates for resource groups, individual resources, items or expenses.

For resources, I need to see availability based on norm time and booked assignments. Most often, I do my initial budget on resource group level to later split the resource group budget to individual resources.

During the project execution there will be multiple changes where I need to recalculate and move the budget and compare multiple budget versions to see the impact of changes over time

Invoicing is a time consuming and the amount of time entries makes it easy to miss inaccuracies, resulting in credit memos and customer dissatisfaction.

I need an invoice suggestion for quality review and where I can make changes before the invoice is created. The invoice setup needs to be flexible and presented as the customer wish, grouped and/or summarized as needed.

I also need to manage milestone and scheduled billings where some level of process automation would be of great value.

For the WIP process, I must update “Estimate to Complete” on the task level for a full audit trail and IFRS compliance. Once done, I want an overview where I can review and make adjustments for all my projects before I confirm to Finance

It’s hard to get an overview when all data is not available in one single system.

First level of control would be an approval process for time & expense entries where I can reject and make changes as needed.

Then I need instant visibility and a complete overview of all project data and performance indicators to identify potential risks. It would be fantastic if I in the same overview could see purchase reservations and time entries that is not yet submitted or approved.

Dashboards has its advantages, but I also want full access to data with drill-down functionality that allow me to see detailed transactions.

If possible, it would be great if I could do ad-hoc reporting in excel with direct access to data

As a Consultant I’m part of the organization with knowledge and experience required to deliver our customer commitments. In addition to customer satisfaction, planning and execution of my time is a fundamental part of the company's success and profitability and part of how I’m measured.

Time Entry might not be what I like most but it’s part of my daily obligations and how I’m measured and valued.

It easily becomes time consuming and an administrative burden, taking time from chargeable work and focus on my clients. I know I don’t charge for all work as some task are forgotten or missed!

Time Entry should be done regularly, “where and there it’s done”! And it should reward a structured way of working where it’s a 1 min task to review and submit before I take the weekend off.

Time Entry should be a nice experience, done in outlook, mobile and other working tools I use every day!

I often feel bad as I don’t report my expenses on regular basis, I know Project Managers need it for project costs tracking and Finance for month-end closure.

Just like Time Entry, it easily becomes time consuming and an administrative burden, taking time from chargeable work and focus on my clients.

Not as an excuse but if I had a way to capture the expenses “there and where they arise”, then it’s a small thing to update the amount with credit card fees before I submit them.

Expense entry should be a nice experience, done in my mobile I use every day!”

I often get my assignments verbally or via mail which I then book myself in my Outlook Calendar. That’s fine, I like to be in control over my own planning as I sometimes make commitments directly with my customers and need some flexibility to make family life work.

Then my Line manager and the Project Managers ask me about coming planning for forecasting and to ensure everyone’s utilization and resource needs in customer projects. I fully understand and respect that, but why not take the data from my Outlook Calendar, it’s all in there?!

Let’s reward a structured way of working for the benefit of the overall company. Let me focus on my clients and projects to make it a success!”

In Finance I’m part of the back-end of the organisation, responsible for that anything related to administration and accounting processes works smoothly and to support Management and Operations in their daily responsibilities.

Expenses is one of the most time-consuming administrative processes we have. It is important to promptly repay our employees, but we must also ensure an accurate customer billing to avoid negative impact on the company’s cash flow.

Manual handling is not possible, we need an electronic workflow from entry to approval and receipts must be available throughout the process as Finance review that amount and VAT before they are posted. Status needs to be tracked all the way to pay-out.

For pay-outs, some shall be reconciled against prepayments, others shall be paid to the employee or credit card provider. Regardless, we must be able to handle credit card fees which are also to be charged to the customer.”

Invoicing is a time consuming and administrative burden, taking time from chargeable work. The amount of time entries makes it easy to miss inaccuracies, resulting in credit memos and customer dissatisfaction.

Before we start the invoicing process, all time & expense entries should be approved in an electronic workflow where we can monitor status and take actions if needed.

Once a quality review of the invoice suggestions is done, it must be an efficient and flexible process to generate accurate invoices, presented as the customer wish!

For time & expenses not invoiced, WIP must automatically be calculated with various valuation methods depending on project and contract type. The WIP calculations must be made in accordance with IFRS with full audit trail.

Except for fiscal reporting, we must provide reports needed to control and improve the business.

With that being said, if we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it! We need an integrated business solution with full visibility for cost/revenue and performance indicators where Project Managers also can monitor all the data they need for their daily tasks and responsibility.

For executives, dashboards and visualizations are more appropriate. Would be great to easily customize them as they need to analyse the business from different perspectives.

For myself, I also need the possibility to do ad-hoc reporting in excel with with drill-down features that allow me to see detailed transactions for the data I am working on

As Executives we are responsible for managing the overall business and to increase stakeholder value. Real-time visibility into key operational metrics is essential for us to identify risks and areas of improvements.

“As the CEO, I have the overall responsibility to manage and develop the business to increase shareholder value through growth and increased profitability.

Personally, I need to identify new business opportunities, risks and improvement areas at a high level, so I can see where I need to spend time and focus. I am specifically interested in key operational metrics and a good insight into our sales pipeline and forecasting.

From a business solution perspective, I want to see a future with a fully integrated solution and platform that enable us to take the next step. We need to bring employees, processes and data together!”

“As the CFO, I am overall responsible for financial and administrative processes and securing capital needed to run the business. I also act as an advisor to the CEO and assist the COO on strategic and tactical matters relating to budget management, cost–benefit analysis and forecasting needs.

Personally, I need to control and analyze costs and margins from various perspectives such as Projects, Employees, Sales, Business Units and Product. Headaches in my finance Team are the labor intensive expense management process and the entire billing cycle from time entry to collection.

From a business solution perspective, we need to bring Operation and Finance processes together in a fully integrated solution that enable us to grow and expand the business and increase our profitability.”

“As the COO, I am overall responsible for the daily operation related to Project and Resource Management – to drive growth and profitability through Project success and maximizing utilization of Consultants.

Personally, I need visualization for operational metrics to identify risks, take actions and drive process improvements. For my Consultants, I would love to see time entry being part of daily working tools as, today, some tasks are missed or forgotten.

From a business solution perspective, we need to bring operation and finance solutions together for accurate insight into project costs and other metrics. We need the accounting system to be fully integrated with the tool used for project management with drill-down functionality that allow us to see detailed transactions. If possible, we also need to do ad-hoc reporting in excel with direct access to data.”

“As a CIO, my role and responsibilities vary from company to company. From operational IT specialist to developing business processes and productivity improvements where I’m constantly look for IT-enabled business opportunities.

Personally, I need to keep track of my overall IT budget which consists of several sub-projects that I need to control like any other external customer project.

From a business solution perspective, I need to ensure IT Security, User Experience, Mobility and Cloud Deployment Options. More than anything else, I need a built-in privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default methodology to help the business comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Grant and restrict access to personal data on multiple levels and enable audit trails to ensure security and accountability.”

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Progressus PSA is available in several countries on the European market through Progressus Partner Network and on Microsoft AppSource.

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