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From Solomon Software to Progressus PSA

Our story goes back to the 90’s when specific applications emerged for project and service based businesses, so called Project Service Applications (PSA). In general, these solutions were not integrated with the financial management (ERP) but a few actually developed the other way where ERP were extended to also include PSA functionality. This type of integrated PSA/ERP solutions are sometimes called Services Resource Planning but to make it simple we call it “All-in-one”.

One of the All-in-one solutions where developed in Findlay, Ohio under the name of Solomon Software. Over time it developed to a market leader with more than 40,000 customers and a global partner network, considered as “gold standard of project features“.

Early this century, Microsoft entered the ERP-market through acquisitions in Europe and North America. One of the acquisitions was a vertical solution for Professional Services and Project Based Business. And yes, that solution was Solomon Software, later re-branded to Microsoft Dynamics SL.

In 2004, Microsoft outsourced the complete Dynamics SL business to Plumbline Consulting (PLC), the original ”project-people” who once developed Solomon Software. Acting on behalf of Microsoft, PLC has since then taken full responsibility for Dynamics SL product development, support and partner management.

“Plumbline Consulting has valuable experience creating solutions for project-based and professional services organizations. We are excited to have their expertise in this new offering built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

– Paul White, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics

In 2015, Microsoft took a strategic decision on which “SL Next” will be based on Dynamics NAV (later Business Central) and the new cloud-based platform, Dynamics 365. To enable a clear path for the SL-community, partners and end users, the new solution had to offer at least equivalent features as Dynamics SL. As part of that, Microsoft entered another strategic partnership with PLC to develop a world-class industry solution for professional services and project-based businesses.

“SL Next” now gets a name, PROGRESSUS PSA

Our story continues in 2017 when Progressus is launched and in July 2017 it’s the became the first complete industry application for SMB customers listed on Microsoft AppSource.

In 2018, NAV change name to Dynamics 365 Business Central with Progressus as the only complete industry solution available in the cloud on Dynamics 365. As part of Microsoft Power Platform with common data service, Progressus not only enable processes to flow through other Apps, but even more valuable to fully leverage for other part of the platform such as Collaboration, CRM, Talent Management och Power BI.

“PLC and Microsoft have a special relationship, beyond the many former Microsoft people on the Progressus team. Progressus was conceived and planned in conjunction with Microsoft business application leaders who recognized the need for a complete business solution to support professional services firms and project-based businesses and wanted a trusted partner to develop it.”

– Joe Longo, President Plumbline Consulting

Progressus PSA is built on the wealth of knowledge from 20 years in developing PSA-solutions and the result of a long-term strategic cooperation and joint venture between Microsoft and PLC, now aiming become the market leader for project and service based business in the SMB segment.

PROGRESSUS PSA | Advanced Project management

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