Product Insights

Playing Fair… Your Unfair Share

As kids, we were all taught to play fairly and most of us learned that lesson (sometimes the hard way). However, does playing fairly apply to the real world? I’ve heard many a self-defense instructor tell students, “If you’re playing fair when you’re fighting for your life – you’re doing it wrong!” I think the same thing applies to us in the world of professional services and software.   I know what you’re thinking –...

October 4, 2018

Welcome to the “New” Progressus

Author: Robbie Morrison I couldn’t be more pleased to share the “new” Progressus with everyone! We have been working long and hard for the past year developing the comprehensive solution that small and medium-sized businesses deserve. Let’s get into some of the details and exciting features of Progressus:   Progressus PSA is a cloud-powered professional services automation solution engineered for emerging professional...

August 9, 2018

How Can Flexibility and Speed Give Your Professional Services Firm A Competitive Advantage – Disruptors Part 1

This blog is the first in a series of four in regards to how Progressus can help your professional services firm by injecting flexibility and speed. Professional Services firms need to be flexible and quickly adaptable because of the ever-changing market and technology. In this first blog, we are going to discuss the disruptive trends in the professional services industry.   All companies, especially professional services firms, face...

April 10, 2018

Is Your ERP System Helping Your Bottom Line?

Is your ERP system impacting your bottom line? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you even thought about it? It is an odd concept to wrap your head around… How would an ERP really have that much of an impact on the bottom line? Well, it does – and probably more than you think it does.   Most companies focus on maintaining revenue while exploring for new revenue sources. However, growing companies highly focus on...

March 27, 2018