The Progressus



Partner program

Gain access to deep resources, better serve your customers, and build connections to drive your business to new heights.

The Progressus Partner Program provides extensive training, resources and revenue opportunities for current Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

Join the Progressus Partner Network to gain access to the deep resources and expertise of Plumbline Consulting and the extended Partner Network. New partners receive two days of Progressus training, a week-long Progressus and Dynamics 365 Business Central boot camp, and regular training to keep up-to-date with core competencies and new developments.

We are offering added incentives for Partners who make early commitments to join the “Early Adopter” program! Receive additional assistance with training programs and gain increased exposure in the Dynamics community.

“Plumbline Consulting has valuable experience creating solutions for project-based and professional services organizations. We are excited to have their expertise in this new offering built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

–Paul White, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics


The Progressus Partner Program is currently accepting applications. To submit a request, please email Progressus Software at or submit the form below.

PROGRESSUS PSA | Advanced Project management

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