15 November, 2016

Professional Services Automation for Mid-Market Businesses

The Professional Service Automation market is projected to be $6-$7.6 BILLION by 2017. That is a large industry – quite the expansion over the last 10 or so years. Furthermore, there are no signs of the expansion slowing down.


The new economy we live in is a service economy. Services and people have become “inventory” that needs to be bought, sold, and accounted for. Currently, the largest segments of the professional services automation users are consulting, technology, and marketing firms. Naturally, these businesses fit the model. They deal with several complex projects at the same time while coordinating employees, resources, and time. So, why does this matter?

Glad you asked…

30% of these businesses have not yet considered a proper professional services automation solution, which equates to a market of approximately $2.3 billion. Meanwhile, much of the remaining 70% of these firms are not happy with their current solution. If these firms do not have a solution or are unhappy with their current one, how do you think they are currently operating? They are relying on paper, spreadsheets, home-grown databases and faulty software. Several are also on legacy systems or 100’s of other solutions since no clear market leader is evident.


Recognizing this opportunity, it was time for a trusted company to create a solution that is available, where and when customers need it with a price that is appealing to new customers. Moreover, a solution that can expand to support a growing or an established company’s needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition provides the answer to the Small and Mid-Sized Business (SMB) market’s needs.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive, purpose-built ERP solution that helps your business evolve at its own pace – growing as your business grows. With intelligent business applications across CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you choices and lots of them. Start with what you need to run your business; then add powerful business apps as your needs change. Microsoft’s strategy was to build vital core features that every business needs and then rely on subject matter experts to develop business apps for users to add that certain industries need – like professional services firms and the SMB market!


For those professional services firms in the SMB market looking for a powerful project automation app, Progressus Software is the clear-cut subject matter expert. Progressus Software adds the project features needed to fulfill firms’ professional services automation needs. Functionality includes resource management, project management, sales and marketing, human capital management and financial management. The app is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and it is constructed for cloud or on-premise deployment. Finally, Progressus provides role-based clients an optimized web experience for any browser or mobile device.
Don’t wait to optimize your professional services firm! Additional revenue is waiting for you.

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