Progressus PSA webinar en español (2020)

En este seminario web veremos lo siguiente: • ¿Qué es Progressus PSA y su legado? • ¿Qué puntos débiles resolvemos? • Una demostración de la aplicación: desde la configuración hasta la facturación.

Product Overview

Built in the Microsoft Cloud for people who use Microsoft Office

Process Power

Progressus provides you with unparalleled levels of process optimization, control, and insight across your business.

Power Platform

One cloud, one security model, one data model, and a common user interface for all your business and productivity applications.

Empower People

Don’t make people learn new software – give them the power to boost productivity with familiar tools they already use

Functionality Overview

Industry, core business and other capabilities, enabling your people to perform

Project Setup

Factsheet for Project Setup

Project Budgeting

Factsheet for Project Budgeting

Time & Expense

Factsheet for Time & Expense

Project Cost Tracking

Factsheet for Project Cost Tracking

Resource Management

Factsheet for Resource Management

Project Reporting, Analytics and Forecasting

Factsheet for Project Reporting, Analytics & Forecasting

Progressus PSA Webinar Q4 18

An introduction to Progressus PSA and core project functionality, with a Power BI teaser, and more...

Svensk Demo av Progressus PSA

Progressus PSA - översiktlig demonstration. Inspelning från webbinarium i november 2018. Presentationen hålls på svenska.

Dansk demo af Progressus PSA

Demonstrationen afholdes på dansk efter en kort introduktion på engelsk Optagelse fra webinar i november 2018.

Role Centers

Introduction to Progressus Role Centers

Project Setup Wizard

Introduction to Progressus Project Setup Wizard

Planning & Budeting

Introduction to Progressus Planning & Budgeting

Resource Management

Introduction to Progressus Resource Management

Integration to Excel

Introduction to Integration to Excel

PROGRESSUS PSA | Advanced Project management

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